Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Make Acrylic Scrapbook Embellishment For Pennies

Hey ScraPerfect fans, Michelle here to show you how to  make Acrylic Scrapbook Embellishment for pennies. Clean a piece of acrylic using the Best Cleaner Ever and then how to make a cute embellishment with it using the Best Glue Ever

I was working on a project and some of the elements didn't quiet turn out how I had hoped they would so I wanted to start over.  Unfortunately didn't have another acrylic piece like this one and I really wanted to use this on my project.  So I removed the paper and stickers I started with and my tile looked like this.

To get the tile looking new I sprayed with the Best Cleaner Ever and gave it a good rub with my finger to make sure there was good coverage.  I did this for both the front and the back.

Once the Best Cleaner Ever has set for a few minutes I gently wiped with a micro fiber cloth to remove the cleaner and gook.  Then I rinsed under water and dried with the cloth.  The Perfect Cleaning Cloth is perfect for this.

Now that I have a clean piece of acrylic to work with I put a small amount of the Best Glue Ever around the outside edge of the acrylic and attach a piece of patterned paper, if using double sided paper have the side you want to see facing the glue and acrylic and it will be visible from the front through the acrylic.

See, you see the paper not the glue. 

Add a little bling for a fun unique embellishment.

Thanks for looking!

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ScraPerfect said...

Like this a lot! Very occasionally when using clear acrylic especially with solid cardstock I have found ai can barely see the glue. To avoid tmake it 100% invisible, I've found that if with my finger, a foam brush or a scrap of foam rubber. I apply a very thin layer of glue to the entire piece of paper OR to the acrylic and let the glue dry to clear and tacky before pressing them together, it is always 100% invisible this way!