Friday, January 17, 2014

How to Make Your Own Charger Plates

Hi Everyone Marilia Lopes here showing you how to make your own charger plates.
In January vacation is very difficult to concentrate and do a layout. 
The house is full of friends of my children and they call me all day. 
So in the month of vacation I love to do altereds. 
Today I bring to you a show sousplat in MDF covered with jute and decorated with Dew Drops Dew Drops and Diamonds Shapes all glued together with The Best Glue Ever the Scraperfect.

Very simple and fun to do, you assemble the pattern in your mind and will gluing.

The Best Glue Ever is very economical and easy to use.

Hope you enjoy and be inspired! 
Thanks so much for stopping and view my work! 
Have a beautiful day!


Glen Henley said...

Wow! How did you get it all so precise?

MarĂ­lia Lopes said...

Thanks Glen!
I was gluing and creating a pattern, made ​​the first round then the second and always aligning with the previous round.
I go to prepare a video for next month, you will see how simple it is to do.

steph said...

this is lovely Marilia