Monday, January 13, 2014

The Best Product for Unsticking Clay From Molds

Good Morning ScraPerfect fans Chelsea here with the best product to use for unsticking clay from molds. It's a fantastic tip using the ScraPerfect Perfect Crafting Pouch when using clay with molds. It can sometimes get frustrating when you are trying to use clay (polymer clay , crystal clay, etc.) in molds. Due to the high tack in clay as it tends to stick to anything and everything resulting in not a clean imprint into your clay.

Supplies Needed :

- Perfect Crafting Pouch by ScraPerfect
- Embellie Gellie (adding embellishments to your clay)
- Air Dry Clay (Epoxie / Crystal Clay, etc)
-Molds (plastic , silicon , etc.)
-Embellishments (chatons, flat backs, etc.) 

**NOTE : This tip can also be used with polymer clay BUT remember embellishments can not be added to polymer clay due to having to bake the clay to harden it.** 

To begin , press and dab the Perfect Crafting Pouch into your mold

Secondly , take your clay and press the desired amount into the mold

Carefully pull out your clay from the mold, it should slide out with ease, leaving your image crisp, clean and no clay stuck inside your mold

From personal experience, white clay tends to be more sticky than colored clay.

To add bling or embellishments to your clay piece the Embellie Gellie is VERY useful in picking up and placing these embellishments. I use my Embellie Gellie two ways ; 1) pick up tool (gellie side) 2) setting tool (the flat back of the tool). 

You can use clay embellishments on all sorts of projects from paper crafting to creating beautiful pendents. When attaching clay pieces to paper craft projects use the Best Glue Ever by ScraPerfect to attach!

Example of a completed clay embellishments.

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