Thursday, January 9, 2014

Video Tricks on How to Draw With Paint

Today I am up with a video showing you how you can draw with paint. I was over the moon when I received the new No-Clog Writing Cap.  The large size is perfect for most bottles of craft paint.  There are two different sized tips that you can use with the base cap to make different sized lines. I used the fine tip with my projects.

Today I thought I'd try a little video to demonstrate just how easy and fun it is to use.

You can keep the tip on the paint bottle and place the pin top on when you're done using, which is what I did with some of my adhesives.  But if you want to change colors or you don't want to keep the tip on the bottle remember to wash it with water (and I used a drop of dish soap) right away before the paint dries.

Here's what I made. I love making lines and dots, especially in art journaling. This product is perfect for this.


steph said...

Love it

Glen Henley said...

Really cool, nice discipline on the cover painting!