Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Make This Super Simple Wine Bottle Center Piece

Hi there, Michelle here with a fun tutorial.  Last month I shared a post featuring the Best Cleaner Ever used to easily remove the label from a wine bottle, you can see that post here.  Once you have the label removed it's ready to create a one of a kind center piece.


Trim a piece of die cut paper, patterned paper or vellum to fit the bottle.  Apply adhesive to the back side of the paper, The Best Glue Ever is great for a die cut paper like I used.  Simply add small dots of glue over a generous amount of the paper, The Best Glue Ever is great for small areas. 


Next, I added a strip of decorative ribbon to the top and bottom of the paper.  To do this I created a custom glue strip using The Best Glue Ever.  I used a sticker sheet with 12" length border stickers to create my strip, The strip doesn't have to be perfectly straight so don't worry too much about it being straight.  Let the glue sit until it is tacky to the touch and you have a custom glue strip for your ribbon.  You could really make any shape or size. 


Next I added the butterfly embellishments using The Best Glue Ever and Embellie Gellie.  Place a spot of The Best Glue Ever where you want to place your embellishments.  For these I recommend letting the glue set a bit to get a little tacky.  Then use Embellie Gellie to place and attach the butterflies to the bottle. 

Thanks for looking!

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