Friday, December 13, 2013

How To Prevent Spills Under Your Christmas Tree (Cheap and Easy)!

Amy here with an inexpensive non-craft way to stop the water spills under your Christmas Tree. Timely tip if you celebrate the holiday with a tree, and you do the daily "whose turn is it to water the tree????" routine.

This year, we decided to get a much smaller tree...But which one????
Actually, by the time we actually drove to our favorite farm (getting distracted and lost), it was dark! Lucky for us, Bacon's has such amazing trees, you can't go wrong even if you choose one and have to cut by flashlight!


I've discovered that if you place hydrated water pearls (sold for fresh cut flowers in vases) into the tree stand, you won't have to add water very often, and it won't ever totally dry out.

I found two kinds of pearls really cheap at the Dollar Tree. The first came already hydrated and look like clear pearls. They will get bigger in water.

 The second come with THREE packs of seed size beads. Place them in water and wait a couple hours and VOILA! You'll have full size beads!

You can pour them dirctly into the stand and in the new year when you dump your tree water, you can either toss them outside or add them to your houseplants pots.

This year, I put two batches in a kneestocking and knotted the end. In fact with two socks, it would probably fill the entire stand! Using the kneestocking, I plan to simply remove the "bag" and perhaps let it dry out for next year. When the beads are left to air dry, they return to the seed size balls.

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Robyn Coburn said...

I love the idea of using the stocking sock for your water beads! Great tip.