Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to Best Glue Cardboard, Resins, and Fabric Flowers

Hello to you all today I am here to show you how to best glue cardboard, resins, and fabric flowers.
It is my first post as a Design Team member ScraPerfect and I would say that I very happy to be here with the chance to work with wonderful products and great talented ladies!
Last year I won a bottle of the BGE and was delighted with the ease of use and efficiency with this product.
I can adhere just about everything in my layouts and it sticks forever without burning my fingers. (For all my flowery embellishments, I used house hot glue!)

Cardboard is difficult to adhere with normal glues; it is very thick and it slips.
You guessed it! The Best Glue Ever is good for cardboard too!

I used BGE to adhere all my flowers 

and also for my mini resin frames!