Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to Keep Dried Ink From Ruining Your Stamps

Good morning ScraPerfect friends Steph here today showing you how to keep dried ink from ruining your stamps. I will be using the Best Cleaner Ever.

If you know me, you know I never EVER clean my stamps. I use them all the time so a little residue on my stamps doesn't usually bother me. Well, I decided to use my stamps today with white ink and realized that the stamps were too dirty to use because the white ink was now gray!!

Out came the Best Cleaner Ever. I just spritzed my stamps and let the cleaner do it's magic. I waited a few minutes, then wiped my stamps. While the first application is probably all you need, I obviously needed a second application. Once I wiped the stamps a second time, I was very pleased with how clean they now were.

I removed the residue under running water and now my stamps are clean enough to use with white ink!

Pick up some of the Best Cleaner Ever and you'll never have dirty stamps again.

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