Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to Make a Gorgeous Candy Cane Centerpiece.

Need a quick container for a present or centerpiece, here's how to make a gorgeous candy cane centerpiece!  Best Glue Ever to the rescue!

 I picked up this box for about $2.  I didn't really care for the design, so I grabbed a piece of pattern paper, trimmer and my bottle of the Best Glue Ever.  I cut squares to fit each side, then used the Best Glue Ever to adhere it to the box.

 To cover the ends, I used some Tim Holtz tissue tape. I love the designs on this tape, but not that it isn't the stickiest and will sometimes peel off my projects. So, I just added a thin line of the Best Glue Ever to each edge before placing the tissue tape.

 And here's the box.  This is a quick way to dress up a display for flowers, add candy or add a present.

Like this:

Now, I wanted to add an extra layer to this box.  Something whimsical.  So I used the Best Glue Ever to make thick lines all around the box and I let them dry until tacky.

Once they were dry, I added candy canes.  Because the plastic wrapper is well, plastic, you won't get a perfect long-lasting hold. But that isn't necessary as I want to easily remove the candy canes so we can eat them!

It will hold them to box so you can add a decorative ribbon.  The glue and the ribbon together will keep the candy canes in place, or allow a couple to be sneaked out of your arrangement if you need a quick snack...


Robyn Coburn said...

Very festive. It looks good with OR without the candy canes.

Robyn Coburn said...

Oh - and I love that glimpse of your work table in the background. :)

Mom2Two said...

I agree! I like it w/o the canes!!! --or let the glue dry to clear and tacky and then press on candy canes and maybe a tag that says something like: "Feeling Naughty? Go ahead an take a candy cane!"

Michelle said...

Love this, very cute project.

Glen Henley said...

Very nice use of a cheap box , making something great!