Saturday, December 21, 2013

Video How to Decorate Cookies With Sprinkles

My daughter Maddie and I were decorating gingerbread cookies and grabbed the Embellie Gellie™ (which safe for food and kids) such a handy, versatile tool, and decided to use it to help decorate our cookies!  It was kind of addicting and so much fun being able to add such intricate details to cookies.

In this video, we show you what we did and I've included the VERY easy recipe for the Royal Icing (NO raw egg whites!) which is perfect for these cookies or constructing gingerbread houses. You can spoon it or paint it on--we do both. I also added green food coloring for trees which are decorated with white snowflake and red dotty candies.

Have fun!!! We sure did:)

PS I'm really sorry the video is so dark--our lighting was not the best for filming.

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steph said...

what an awesome idea!!! Love the cookies too.