Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fantastic Scrapbooking Tips for How to Use Vellum

Deb here with some fantastic scrapbooking tips on how to use vellum.
Vellum can be kinda tricky to use. But with a little help from ScraPerfect, you'll turn into a vellum lover!

You can run vellum through your inkjet printer and make overlays. Vellum is semi-transparent and it's great for layering. Whatever you layer underneath the vellum will show through.

However, vellum isn't the best surface for ink. It often smears in the printer and takes a while to dry.  Unless you use the Perfect Crafting Pouch. The pouch stops bleeding and smearing of inks and helps them dry faster.

Here's one of the vellum overlays I made using a Two Peas in the Bucket digital kit.

Adhering vellum can be a problem as well, due to the transparency.  Most adhesives will show through the vellum  -  even the ones that dry clear will leave a "shadow."

For adhering vellum you need the Best Glue Ever.   What I like to do is use my finger to rub a thin layer of the Best Glue Ever all over the back of the vellum.  It dries instantly and is invisible. I used it to adhere the vellum snowflake.

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