Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to Make Foil Transfer Accents for A Snow Globe

Hello, Michelle here to show you how to make a custom shaped glue spot to use to create a foil transfer using The Best Glue Ever and Foil sheets.  These foil transfers are great for surfaces that may be difficult to stamp on. 


Start by using The Best Glue Ever to create a custom glue spot, this could be a shape or a word.  The tip on the Best Glue Ever is fine enough that you can create little shapes or use it as a pen to write out words or phrases.  I had a little trouble with the foil transfer at first.  If the glue spot is too thick it is hard to transfer the glue with the foil intact.  Make sure when you create your glue spot image you use a thin coat of glue, let it dry until it is clear and tacky to the touch.  Once tacky take a piece of the foil and rub over the glue spot.  Make sure you put good pressure, and rub all around the edges so the foil is adhered to the glue.

When you peel the foil with the adhesive off the non stick sheet do so quickly and it should remove easily.  Here's a look at the back side of the foil with the glue spot attached.  Place the glue backed foil on a mason jar and rub to transfer the foil covered glue shape to the jar.   

Make sure to give it a good rub and then remove the foil, you should now have an foil image transferred to the mason jar.

ScraPerfect supplies used

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