Monday, December 9, 2013

Fantastic Tips on How to Make and Fill Your Page Pockets for Project Life

Good morning Deb here with fantastic tips on how to fill your page pockets for project life albums.

I've been working on my December Daily album this year and I wanted to add some glitter and sequins to a small clear pocket.  I had thought about sewing around the pocket or closing it with washi tape, but I wanted to have a more seamless & transparent look.

Once I had everything in the pocket, I grabbed my Best Glue Ever and placed a thin line along the top edge.  I held the pocket open for a minute to let the glue dry and get tacky.  Once it was tacky, I closed the pocket and pressed the two sides together.

Now my sequins can move and shake all they want - but they are not coming out of the pocket! Here's a very close-up shot.  You can see the  line of glue on the edge, but it's pretty transparent.

And the finished page -

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steph said...

oh, this is a great idea.