Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to Make Ornaments From Dominoes with Alcohol Ink (Video)

Amy here today with a video showing you how to make ornaments from dominoes, To tell you that  DOMINOES is one of my family's favorite games. We bring a set when we go out to eat and play regular (scoring points for multiple of 5's) and "42" (similar to our favorite card game: Whist).  Now here's another way to play...

This ornament could easily be a keychain fob, necklace, or even a gift tag. Don't miss the money saving tips!!!

Read the post or watch the tutorial....

STEP 1: Gather your supplies and tools. You'll need dominoes, alcohol inks***, solvent stamp pad and stamp, a drill with a very fine bit and some string or chain. While optional, I highly recommend a Perfect Crafting Pouch and the Best Cleaner Ever. And little eye hooks are also optional. Plus, you need some felt or an alcohol ink applicator (If you'd like to make your own, you'll need some Best Glue Ever.)

***Exciting News!!! DIY Alcohol Inks tutorial coming soon.... (Easy and Inexpensive, of course.)

 STEP 2: Stamp your image on a clean domino with a solvent ink such as StazOn by Tsukiniko or Colorbox Surfacez. These inks are designed to be permanent on non-porous media

HOT TIP: If you have a Perfect Crafting Pouch, I suggest you apply it to the clean domino before stamping. The Perfect Crafting Pouch will help "give traction" to the stamp resulting in a much crisper image.

HOT TIP: For the next step, you'll need an alcohol applicator. You can buy the Ranger applicator for about $5--plus $5 for extra felt pieces, or make your own.

 Apply Best Glue Ever to wood Scrap.     Let glue dry to clear. (It will be tacky!)    Cut felt. (Whole piece cost about 15¢)

 Press the felt onto sticky surface.                              To replace pad, simply remove and re-stick another piece.

 STEP 3: Applying the alcohol inks.
Just apply a few drops of color to felt pad and dab onto domino. Add a second color. The wetter the pad, the more it seems to bleed into the other color.

Keep adding colors until you are satisfied. You can add color on top of the other color and it doesn't seem to mix--it simply exists.

That is, if you want to add some more light color after you've added the dark color, go ahead!

  It's very different from working with regular ink or paints.


 HOT TIP:   If you want to remove the alcohol ink and start again, use rubbing alcohol. In fact, if you make a mistake when stamping with the solvent ink you can use rubbing alcohol if you do it immediately. 

 This is the ghost image left when I used alcohol ink to clean the domino stamped without using the Perfect Crafting Pouch. I waited just a minute or two, but that was too long.

 Otherwise, apply some Best Cleaner Ever. Let it sit a few minutes. Then it will wipe right off. Rinse with water and start again!

 AHA! Best Cleaner Ever to the rescue!             Let it sit and work its magic!                             Wipe clean!

  STEP 4: Hang it up...
I drilled a hole at the top. Rolled a bit of air dry polymer clay. Stuck it into the hole and pushed in a tiny eye hook. After drying,some of the clay inserts pulled out--maybe due to the drilling dust or maybe they shrank ever so slightly.  I simply added a drop of glue. 
ALTERNATIVE METHOD: drill right through the domino from side to side and string it that way. 

 Add string, ribbon or chain (sign and date the back in permanent fine tip marker) and it's done! I love how they are all so lightly different.

 Can you tell which domino was treated with the Perfect Crafting Pouch before stamping?
                         (Note to self: Remember the pouch before you're halfway done with the project!

              P. S.   It seriously took longer to write this up than it did to make 25 dominoes!

For another take on dominoes,  see this post from Susie Bentz.


Susie Bentz said...

Fabulous project! Great tutorial!

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Awesome project.