Sunday, November 10, 2013

How to Re-Purpose Containers for Craft Storage Containers!

Amy here to bring you a reminder...Reduce, Reuse, RE-PURPOSE, and Recycle. Cheap or free storage containers are all around us in the containers we toss them into the recycle bin...

I was in need of 2 ounce plastic jars for glitter and other small bling....

New, they cost for $4 for a package of four at our big box craft store...or $8 for eight plus s/h on I stopped in the dollar store to check.

The BAD NEWS was: they didn't have anything like these empty containers

The GOOD NEWS was: I found packs of 6 poster paints for $1 in the exact containers I needed!  I bought 3 packs which meant 12 containers for $3. (To put this in perspective, wholesale, I'd have to buy 19,800 containers to get this price--and then I'd still have to spend 9 cents more for the lids! )

Thing is, I can't stand the idea of simply dumping the paint so now I'm on the search in my home for 6 containers that can each hold 6 ounces of paint:)

So look at your waste with new eyes before dumping it into the recycle bin to see if it has a new life as a storage container...and when shopping for storage containers (empty travel size toiletries containers, for example) see if the container comes "free" with other things in it!

UPDATE: I dumped the paint into the same medicine bottles I used in the ORGANIZING PAINTS post. (It's a great idea for doing easy touch-ups on your walls.)  So in the end... I reused/re-purposed those bottles for the poster paints and will reuse/re-purpose the poster paint containers for storing embellishments!

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