Monday, November 4, 2013

How to make Washi tape stickier

Hey ScraPerfect fans, Design Team member Michelle here to show you how to make washi tape stickier.  Who doesn't love washi tape?  It's great for so many projects like scrapbooking and altered projects.  Sometimes it's just not sticky enough, so here's a way to make your washi tape hold better.
Start with washi tape and the Best Glue Ever.

Cut a strip of washi the length you need and put a bit of glue in a dish.  You'll also need a paint brush.
Now simply paint a thin coat of the Best Glue Ever on the sticky side of the washi tape. 
Apply washi tape to surface while the glue is still wet or allow to dry a bit and get tacky.  Either way the washi tape will have a stronger hold.  And since the Best Glue Ever dries clear it doesn't change the appearance of the washi tape.
Tip: if you apply the washi tape to the surface while the glue is still wet, it allows you a bit of wiggle room when lining up patterns like on this bucket.  If you work quickly you can move the tape slightly to line things up.



steph said...

Great project Michelle.

ScraPerfect said...

Great idea. Sometimes you would want the tape to be permanent!