Friday, October 18, 2013

No-Clog Writing Cap

You're going to love this new product!

Seriously, where has this been all my life? No more clogged bottles and an easy way to write with paint.

You can stop products from clogging, use a fine tip for writing, and can extend products so that you no longer need to use a brush.

Cap diagram1.72

The No-Clog Writing Cap™ consists of 4 parts:
Base Cap screws onto the neck of the bottle

   2. Stainless steel Writing Tip locks into base cap with clockwise turn
   3. Sleeve screws onto the base cap
   4. Pin Top screws onto sleeve to seal bottle and keep writing tip clog-free

Which cap to buy?
First:  Select cap size (MEDIUM or LARGE) to fit your product. See the product list for suggestions.
Then: Choose the tip gauge (Fine, Xtra-Fine, Thicker)
IF you don’t know which TIP to buy–you can’t go wrong with the Fine Tip!
NOTE:  The fit or function with any products mentioned here or elsewhere is not guaranteed. Viscosity of fluids affects
 flow through the tips; some fluids may need to be thinned.

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