Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Introducing Amy

Amy is the owner of ScraPerfect and the inventor of some amazing ScraPerfect products.

Amy  Roszak is married to Joe, and a stay-at-home mom to teenagers, Maddie and Corben. She has been scrapbooking since 1999, but was a crafter since she was little."Scrapbooking is really just a medium for all the other crafts I love", she explains, "and also a wonderful way to save memories. I can more easily justify the time and money I spend crafting when it's for my family as well as for me!"  

In 2003, after much research and development trials, Amy invented The Perfect Printing Pouch as a solution for inconsistent, poor quality results she had while inkjet printing on vellum. (The pouch was renamed the Perfect Crafting Pouch in 2010, when it was officially recognized as a multi-purpose tool and selected as a Top 20 Innovation by the Craft & Hobby Association.)  A past middle school PTA president, she became the Parent Advocate at the high school when her son moved up. A geeky "Band Mom", she sews uniforms and sells concessions for their marching band. She also continues to develop products to solve crafting challenges, and is an organizer/ frugal crafter herself--developing techniques and workarounds that save money, are environmentally safe, and work well! ("If your stuff isn't organized, you don't know what you have and you won't use it...And making all those little ID labels is both rewarding and stressful", she jokes.) Ever the teacher, she loves to share her ideas and help when she can--often writing numerous back and forth emails with inquiring customers.

Amy was born in New York City, but moved west after college. She earned a Masters of Science at Oregon State University in 1980, worked in a wooden toy store and was a U.S. Forest Service hydrologist before becoming a teacher. She taught mathematics for 14 years during which time she won the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry/Tectronics award for teaching. When her daughter was born, she decided to stay home and "teach" her little ones instead. Her neighbor got her out of the house one Friday night to try scrapbooking and she was hooked. "Thanks, Kim!"

Amy lives in the Pacific Northwest and loves being outside in the rain or the sun, in the forest, at the ocean, or in the high desert. She loves learning--just about anything. After figuring imovie, she began making craft videos. This year, she became a Native Plant Advisor and a Beach Naturalist, and Stream Stewardship is next on her agenda. She also makes nature videos, photographing salmon, sand dollars, Moon Snails, and slugs in "action". You can see her crafting videos at and her nature videos by googling her name.

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