Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Save and Organize House Paints using Medicine Bottles!

Hey Everyone!  Amy here with an organizational idea....

After several years, we’ve almost finished painting our house.  It would be so much easier if I just chose white, but, nooooo, I've got many, many different colors! Already many of the first walls that were done are scuffed & dinged and need touching up. Going to the garage to dig through the paint cans is enough of a hassle that touch-ups don’t get done.

Here’s an idea to make touch ups easier...and for those who live in an apartment without much space to store the leftover gallons, you'll like this idea, too!

I’ve been saving the plastic bottles in which our mail order pharmacy sends medications not knowing what I'd be using them for but knowing they were too nice to simply recycle. These have child proof caps which the company confirmed are airtight when locked-- even though they seem to wiggle around the bottle.


Fill the bottles with paint, apply color to the lid and the side of the bottle, and label with the the room in which the paint was used or the name of the color.

If you're like me, by storing them inside the house, you’ll be much more likely to grab a bottle and do those needed touch-ups! 

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