Monday, August 26, 2013

Mixed Media Mini Canvases with Collage Sheet Images
 I've finally sat down to complete three mixed media mini-canvases as Halloween decor. This idea has been rattling around in my head ever since I first formatted the collage sheets with vintage body part engravings.

The canvases are 4 inches square. I inked the edges in two browns, as well as the edges of the my cut out collage images. As usual I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch to dry the ink immediately. I glued the printed image with tiny dots of Best Glue Ever. I added stamped images on tags and as texture. Then I layered on a selection of chipboard stickers (reinforcing the sticker adhesive with BGE). I even had chipboard buttons, which I adorned with some waxed threads, and raised using craft foam - BGE handles every material just fine.

I did a small amount of embossing, using the PCP to prep my work surface to avoid static cling with the powder.
Mixed media
Then I placed Dew Drops with the Embellie Gellie. The borders are some striped paper cut into strips. I pushed some upholstery tacks raised with small washers into the bottoms as feet, and then used various hardware fittings and galvanized wire to finish the decorating. I think my favorite is the forest of nails wound with wire, but the hanging key is nice too.

These would be a fun part of Halloween table-scapes or mantel dressing. I need a could of slightly larger canvases to add to this now, but I sure am happy. Last thing - cleaning my stamps with Best Cleaner Ever, just like always.

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Susie Bentz said...

Robyn these are exceedingly cool!

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steph said...

This is amazing!!!

Robyn Coburn said...

Thanks so much. I love my collage sheets and I love how Best Glue Ever sticks everything.

Robyn Coburn said...
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