Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Foiled AGAIN!!!! (If you haven't tried it...FOILING is so much fun!)

YES, FOIL! Gorgeous, professional quality designer transfer foils. In response to the  many requests for foil that we searched for the finest professional foils and added them to our line.

For those of you not familiar with it...all you do is rub the foiling onto a sticky surface and the foil transfers--adding just the perfect sparkle! Perfect for papercrafts, nail artists, or egg decorating. The sky is the limit! It's really like old fashioned gold leafing but it comes in many different metallic colors and holographic patterns. Try applying the BEST GLUE EVER to a stamp and then foiling the sticky image. Draw or write with the glue, too--but be sure it's applied very thinly. You can even paint with the glue. Or apply the foil to double sided tape or even the sticky side of a sticker. Simply AMAZING!

Check out the two different sets--solid colors & holographics and we've created some special prices on combo packs, too.
 It's VERY challenging to photograph foil and get the sparkle and true colors. Here's a sample of the different foil sheets in our packs. Aren't they pretty?!

Tutorials and videos coming very soon! We promise. Want to see more? CLICK HERE.

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