Monday, June 24, 2013

Perfect Embossing

Embossing can be a messy task, so anything that gives me a better result I love.

I pulled out this stamp set by Studio Calico. I wanted to use the tiny words on a banner and to make them stand out I decided to emboss them using white embossing powder.

First, I treated the paper with the Perfect Crafting Pouch then stamped with Versamark watermark ink. 

Then I dumped embossing powder onto my paper and shook the excess off. As you can see from my photo, there's no extra embossing powder sticking to the paper. I didn't have to do anything extra to prep this for embossing -- no flicking, no brushing, nothing.  Ready to heat emboss!

Once the embossing powder has cooled I take my Perfect Cleaning Cloth and easily wipe the banner which removes the extra powder from the pouch.

And if you want to see the difference the pouch makes, here's your proof. The top banner was stamped, extra embossing powder brushed off (the best I could), then embossed. You can see that there's still little dots of embossing powder around the letters and the edges of the banner. The bottom banner was made using the Perfect Crafting Pouch.

And the banner on my project ...

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