Sunday, May 12, 2013

Embellished Gift Tags from Collage Sheets

One of the things I love about Best Glue Ever is that it works for every surface and every material, so I don't have to get out a whole bunch of different adhesives. I've used my own Collage Sheets to make some beautiful embellished tags that include in the materials: Paper, rice paper, cardstock, chipboard, plastic and silk ribbon. I even glued plastic to plastic with great ease - and confidence.

Here is the back of a couple of the tags, with stamped journal tags and stickers

Chipboard shapes and Dew Drops placed with Embellie Gellie and 
adhered with Best Glue Ever.

I tried crumpling and ink distressing one of the collage images. It's OK,
but I think I prefer the flat ones. Of course once it was securely down, it was down!

This shows Dew Drops dropped into the center of small
plastic buttons. Embellie Gellie of course.
I used the label from the Collage Sheet on this little Buddha.

Fun Tip: It's been said before, but I'm going to mention it again. To adhere plastic to plastic (non-porous surfaces) or heavyish embellishements, put a drop of Best Glue Ever and let it turn clear so that it is super tacky. Also let your tiny row of dots turn clear before adhering ribbon, like on the "Unforgettable" tag below.

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Pearl Maple said...

gosh these are pretty, your team are very creative