Monday, April 22, 2013

Best Glue Ever for School Projects

For her school's biography day, the third grade students are assigned historical figures to research, report on,  dress up as, and make a puppet. The most onerous part is making the puppet, but with the Best Glue Ever it came together quite easily.

 The puppet starts with a juice carton head (mostly) and the kids are given patterns to make the face, arms and legs. We used felt for the body and foam sheets for her dress.

My daughter applied the Best Glue Ever all over the carton and let it dry until it was tacky. After the glue dried she placed the felt face on the carton. The Best Glue Ever made it a piece of cake!

She went on to add eyes, lips, arms and a dress using the Best Glue Ever to glue everything down. I tried to offer to help, but she insisted on gluing it all herself. I may have to hide my bottle from her now!

And the final project -