Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vellum + Best Glue Ever (BGE) = Love

Hi everyone, Steph here with an exciting discovery. 

I have vellum - tons and tons of vellum.  I rarely use it, however, because I hate when the adhesive shows through the project I've created.  I think I've tried every vellum adhesive on the market and I couldn't find one that I loved enough to use on vellum.  

Late one night, I was playing around with Faber Castell's Gelatos and was wondering how they'd work on vellum.  At long last, this embossed butterfly vellum was about to be used.  I first colored the reverse side of the butterflies with Zig Scroll & Brush Markers.  Turning to the front side, I added color to the background with an assortment of Gelatos.  I love the result, but my quandry was how to adhere the vellum panels.

I grabbed a bottle of the Best Glue Ever.  This Glue is very sticky so I knew it would adhere very well, but I wasn't sure about using it with vellum.  So, very carefully, I added a little BGE around the edges of my vellum.  I then placed the vellum on white cardstock (so the beautiful butterflies would show up) and waited.  Within minutes the BGE dried and it dried clear!!!!!!  Wow, how impressive is that!  No adhesive was showing through my project.

I realized after it dried completely, that I should have used more adhesive on the vellum.  The orange panel did not completely stick to the cardstock!  But, I was being cautious and I wanted to see how the BGE dried before really commiting myself.

Now that I knew the BGE would not show through the vellum, I totally commited myself to this pink based card.  I added a line of BGE along the edges of the vellum and used my finger to rub the adhesive into the panel.  I again placed the panel on white cardstock.  Within minutes my panel was dry and the adhesive was not showing!!!  I also added a drop of BGE to the rhinestones to be sure they'd stay put!

So try using the BGE on every project - you will be thrilled!


Susie Bentz said...

These are so pretty! Thanks for all the "how to" details and the inspiration!

Amy R said...

Beautiful! Here's what I do with vellum.... I cut a tiny scrap of foam from a piece of foam cushion I keep handy and use it like a foam brush. I apply a thin layer of the BEST GLUE EVER to the entire back side of the vellum and let it dry to clear. (I usually don't have to actually wait for it to dry as dries within seconds after finishing the application of the glue.) Then I just press the vellum down. The glue is perfectly transparent and totally invisible.