Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adhereing Wrinkle-Free Paper with BGE

Hi everyone, Susie here!
One of my favorite things about the Best Glue Ever is the way it bonds to paper without wrinkling.  It is the perfect glue for adhering paper to chipboard, which makes it the perfect glue for making mini-albums like this one from Want2Scrap:
There is not a lot of technique involved in this.  I just squeezed a thin line of BGE around the edges and added some squiggles (that is a technical term) in the middle of the chipboard page...
...then gently smeared it with my finger.   I had previously traced and cut the paper to match the page so I lined up the edges and laid the paper down, smoothing it with a brayer.

The glue dries very fast when it is applied in such a thin layer so be sure to work quickly.

The BGE is also perfect for adding dimensional embellishments like the chipboard word...
 ...or for holding the finger-pleated ruffle on the page below.
 In short, I use it for everything!  The paper for this project is one of Moxxie's newest releases, Western Round Up, and I absolutely love it!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some time to play!    Susie

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