Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How I love my Best Glue Ever (and my Best Cleaner Ever, too)

Hi everyone!

Dani Donner here today sharing another amazing use for the Best Glue Ever. I know, I know... You may think that I have no other subject to talk about, but this thing is AMAZING! It keeps surprising over and over again. I tell myself I have finally found something that it won't keep down on my page, but in the end, I'm always wrong.

So, I put the Best Glue Ever to the test today and the subject to be glued down was: FLAIR.

They are heavy, bulky and the back is always metal or some sort of slick plastic material, and I was almost sure it wouldn't stay down. But, hey, I'm here to be your Test Pilot... So I put just a thin layer of Best Glue Ever behind my flair, went to the kitchen to grab me a cup of tea, and put my page up (I always photograph my pages glued on the wall with painters tape on the back). And my flair didn't move an inch!!! Way to go, Best Glue Ever!!!

Oh, by the way, have you tried cleaning you paint brushes with Best Cleaner Ever? Can you say "Removed all dried paint from all my brushes"? No? Well, if you try I can guarantee you will be doing the happy dance, just like me. :)

Thanks or stopping by,

Dani Donner

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Susie Bentz said...

Love this layout! You are much braver than I am with open space...it looks great!