Monday, February 11, 2013

Cleaning your Scor-pal

Hi everyone, Steph  here today.

I've been using my Scor-pal a lot lately and I didn't realize how dirty and grungey it had become!!!

I use my Scor-pal almost every day -  I ink on it, I paint on it, I assemble my projects on it.  Since it's one of my most used go-to items, I honestly didn't realize how much use (and abuse) my Scor-pal actually got!!!!  It was bound to need cleaning at some point and when I actually stopped to look at it recently, I realized that it was time to clean!!!!

BEFORE:  Quite the mess isn't it!!!

I decided to clean my Scor-pal with the Best Cleaner Ever.  I spritzed some Best Cleaner Ever onto a paper towel and then rubbed it over my Scor-pal.   It worked like a charm - removing  all the adhesive, ink and paint that had accumulated on, as well as in, the grooves of my Scor-pal.   

AFTER:  My Scor-pal looks like new again. 

To remove any remaining residue from the Best Cleaner Ever, I spritzed water on my Scor-pal and then dried it off.

Here's a tip  for those hard to clean spots:  spritz the Best Cleaner Ever directly on the Scor-pal and let it soak for a minute or two.  Then rub gently with a paper towel to clean the remaining residue off.  


Jennie said...

That is some nice cleaner!! Impressed Stephanie :) Does it work on hands??? LOL!

Ravengirl said...

Your Scor-Pal does look just like new! What a great job that cleaner does!! I'm with Jennie, does it work on your hands too?

Amy R said...

It is a stamp, tool, hand, brush etc cleaner and a hand cleaner, too. 100% safe and no fumes. Even removes bandaid adhesive from kid's knees. Check out this video for a good introduction to The Best Cleaner Ever...

Susie Bentz said...