Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tip: Quilting T-pins

These guys are very handy for all sorts of things from poking holes in paper to de-clogging bottle tips. (If you're like me, you need one every time you use Glossy Accents.)

These pins are much sturdier than normal pins and longer, too. The only time I need a new one is when I’ve lost the one I’d been using... so find a place to keep it such as a wine cork, a heavy duty magnet or your window curtain and return it to that spot so it will be handy the next time you need it.  One box will last a lifetime!

PS You might be wondering why some of the ends are red. I found a can of Plasti Dip (by Performix) out in our garage and dipped some of the pins. Totally unnecessary--but easier to find when the pin is buried somewhere on my worktable!

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  1. They are also nice to use to make decorative pins for scrapbooking, such as adding a shape from cardboard, felt or polymer clay. It works nicely because of the flatness of the T part.


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