Saturday, December 22, 2012

Very Natural (and Cheap!) Decoration

Need a quick and cheap decoration?  How about a vase or candleholder? All you need is a handful of sticks from your yard, the Best Glue Ever, a glass, a bit of burlap and a flower.  I made mine very neutral, but this would be great in holiday colors as well.

First, grab your sticks and break or cut them to fit your glass. I wanted mine to extend beyond the top of the lid. Next, apply the Best Glue Ever to your sticks and let it set until tacky. I used a fairly thick amount of glue on each stick, because the sticks aren't totally flat. The extra glue ensures that I get good contact with the glass.

Once the glue is tacky apply the sticks one at a time, working your way around the glass.

Once you have the glass covered with the sticks, add a decorative ribbon, twine or flower. For this glass I tied a length of burlap around the entire glass, then added a twine bow before topping it off with a canvas flower.


  1. Had to laugh at your title! LOL!! Great idea to put these twigs together for a wonderful (& quick) home décor! THanks!

  2. And if anyone wants any free sticks.... ahem....


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