Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Cards with The Robin's Nest

My favorite things at The Robin's Nest are the beautiful double sided cardstocks and the enormous range of gorgeous bling Dew Drops. My favorite of the cardstocks is "Fleur" which comes in a lovely range of colors. The front, I guess it's the front, is wonderful antiquish "carved" flourishes on a background of small cursive text, while the back is a beautifully proportioned tone-on-tone stripe. It has made my holiday card making much easier and faster.

I already posted the first batch of tag ornaments. Here are finished cards with the ornament slid into a pocket made so easily with the double sided Fleur. So far I have used Olive and Plum. I started by cutting up my cardstock into two 3.5 inch strips, and with one wider strip left over for horizontally oriented cards. Then I cut the strips in half. Because of the design each piece ends up slightly different, so each card is truly custom. I lightly sanded the edges, cleaning off the residue with Perfect Cleaning Cloth, then inked them, drying the pigment ink fast with Perfect Crafting Pouch.

I used my scoreboard to create sharp folds to create a pocket. Instant texture and variation! I adhered ribbon or braid borders by running a line of tiny spots of Best Glue Ever and letting it turn clear and tacky, or tied some yarn. I used my Tiny Attacher stapler because I do like the look of a hint of metal, and added brads to some cards.

For each pocket I added stamped and embossed images, raised with foam and adhered with Best Glue Ever, and/or buttons and Dew Drops set in place with my Embellie Gellie. On some cards I tied charms.

When my embellished pocket was done, I secured it to the front of my ready to go cards from Recollections, with Best Glue Ever. Even for this "heavy" application, you only need little spots. I put them in a line close to edge and scattered a few spots in the middle. The pockets are perfectly secure, and as you can see, ready to hold the tags or gift cards.

Happy Holidays,
Robyn C.


Mom2Two said...


Need I say more?

Mom2Two said...

Okay, I'll say more. I am so jealous but in a good way. This project just looks like so much fun and so full of so many bits and pieces, elements, and little pleasures...and yet it's not overdone at all. Seems when I add so much to one thing it gets overdone. This is STUNNING--like i said before:)

Susie Bentz said...

I love these little pocket cards! What a great idea to incorporate an ornament! Love the Dew Drops, too!

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Thank you so much.

I used to have a card list that was almost 90 names, and honestly I didn't know who most of the people were anymore - old business associates mostly.

Now that I have reduced my list by more than half, I can focus on having more fun with the cards I do make. :)

I'm crazy about Dew Drops. I noticed on some of these tags that some act like a little magnifying lens for the motif below.

Camille Short said...

Well done!