Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Glue Ever for Minbooks

I've been doing a Journal Your Christmas/December Daily album for about four years now. This year I've been using vellum, Simple Stories page protectors and Maya Road transparent snowflakes -- all which just scream out for the Best Glue Ever.

On this page I used all three. I started by adhering a vellum envelope with the Best Glue Ever. I like to run thin lines on the back then use my fingers to smear the glue to lightly cover the back of the vellum.

And when you add it to your page, you don't see any of the adhesive. Cool, right?!

Next, I had a extra piece of a page protector left over. I've been punching lots of holes for my book, so after sewing around three sides I dumped the holes into the pouch, then folded the top down and sewed it shut. To add it to the page I used a large line of the Best Glue Ever - the glue starts just under the red thread and goes to just past the fold. And, you can't see ANY of it!

After adding a strip of paper across my envelope, I decided to adhere a Maya Road snowflake. So I grabbed the Best Glue Ever and made a swirl on the back.

Then used my finger to smear the glue over the back of the element. This photo is just after a finished, before the glue had completely dried clear & tacky.

The glue dries very quickly, and after you add it to your page it's virtually invisible.

And, a few more additions... and here's the finished page and a close-up.

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