Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photo Thank You cards

It's time to send out those thank you cards for my daughter's birthday gifts. She asked me to make them, and she would sign the insides. Plus I had a couple of thank you's for other folks too. So I had a mixed bag of recipients, ages, genders, family, and business associates to send cards to. Phew.
First for family members' birthday thanks. Now that my daughter is 13 and almost grown up, I thought it would be cute to use some duplicate pictures I have of Jayn when she was little. I've already scrapped them, so I didn't mind cutting these up. I have some tiny button brads, which look sweet on Jayn's little jumper. 

As usual, Best Glue Ever handled all the different materials - slick photo paper, card, wood, craft foam (for 3D effects) and plastic embellishments & buttons - perfectly well. I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch to dry my inks and to pre-treat the little wood pieces (repurposed element) prior to stamping to minimize bleed. I used the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to dust off excess, and clean finger prints from my photo elements. And of course I used the Embellie Gellie to place small embellishments, and help with positioning the different elements. 

I think these are very special and personal. 


Susie Bentz said...

I absolutely love the idea of personalizing cards with photos. These are so creative. Love all the different materials you incorporated! Gotta love The Best Glue Ever!

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Thanks Susie - yes having a glue that holds everything so well gives us a lot of creative freedom.