Monday, October 15, 2012


Good morning, Steph here with [pumpkins, glitter, rhinestones and The Best Glue Ever.  Sounds like a perfect combination doesn't it?  The Best Glue Ever is perfect for adding glitter to your projects.    Check out what I did to these pumpkins.

While the pumpkins had a nice glossy look, they were in need of some more love.  So, using the Best Glue Ever, I placed some on the pumpkin and spread it unevenly around the top.  I then poured some glitter on top.  I patted the glitter in place, then put the pumpkin aside to dry for awhile.

Next, I added some Want2Scrap rhinestones around the pumpkin.  They adhered fairly well around the pumpkin base, but where they interracted with the glitter, they would not stick at all.  So I added The Best Glue Ever to the rhinestones and reattached them to the pumpkin.  Worked beautifully!!

Once the glitter had dried, I removed the excess.  I then added a little more of The Best Glue Ever on top because I wanted to add some black glitter.  I patted the black glitter in place, then put the pumpkin aside to dry for awhile.

These pumpkins are now perfect fall decorations for my mantle.

What will you use The Best Glue Ever on today?

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Margie H said...

A different way to decorate a pumpkin - LOVE how it turned out! Can you imagine how the light will reflect off it?! WOW! Great inspiration :)