Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fixing tools

Good morning, Steph here with a quick tip.

I'm loving the Best Glue Ever because it's fixing all my scrappy tools.  In this instance, I used it on my inking tool to hold the velcro in place.  This inking tool had become very annoying because nothing I used held the velcro to the rubber.  I pulled out the Best Glue Ever hoping for a better result.

I placed some Best Glue Ever on the rubber base, being sure to get it all over the rubber.

I then replaced the velcro and set it aside to dry.

Now my inking tool is as good as new (or perhaps even better!).

What will you fix today?


Mom2Two said...
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Mom2Two said...

I fixed an antique Mexican paper mache mask that had fallen off the wall after its string hanger had pulled loose. I glue a patch on it..and pro-actively also patched the other side! It's no longer "Off the Wall!"