Sunday, October 7, 2012

Embossed Cards


I also participated in World Card Making day, making some cards to send in to Operation Write Home. I'm just waiting on their free OWH stamp to label them on the back.

I have had some great embossing powders for a while, but I've not done any embossing. I decided this would be a good opportunity elevate some simple, multi-purpose card designs with embossing.

I chose some stamps that would make a nice focal element. Then I dusted a sheet of paper as a work surface with Perfect Crafting Pouch to eliminate static. I found some neutral light cardstock and swiped them with a light coating of PCP. Then I stamped with brown pigment inks, sprinkled a good amount of black sparkle embossing powder, tapped off the excess easily, and heated images with my heat gun.

In a few moments the embossing powder melted and set up shiny and raised, just as promised. The left over powder slid smoothly back into the little jar, with no clinging thanks to the Pouch.

Once the embossed plaques were cool, I wiped them with the Perfect Cleaning Cloth to ensure there was no Pouch residue, and proceeded to cut more shapes, ink my edges (and dry the ink with the Pouch), stamp some more images as a frame, and assemble the cards with Best Glue Ever. I raised the plaques with Eco-board.

Needing just another bit of something to finish the cards, I added Dew Drops on tiny spots of BGE, placed with the Embellie Gellie.

For Operation Write Home, it's especially important to use a high quality adhesive, so I'm happy with BGE. I tested the hold a bit by pushing at the different parts now that the cards have sat overnight - and the hold is good and firm.

Last - cleaning my stamps with Best Cleaner Ever and a soft paper cloth!


steph said...

These are beautiful.

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Thanks. The OWH rubber stamp arrived yesterday, so now I can send these along. Or were we sending as a group?

Mom2Two said...

They are lovely! And though you are making them to send to different people, A pack of blank cards such as these would make a nice gift-- All similar but slightly different such as the different color border, different color dew drops. (I suppose for a set, you could also change the stamp that is used if they were the same size.) Thanks for sharing!!!