Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Emboss your heart away!

HI, everyone! Dani Donner bringing another card to inspire you. I love to use cards to try on new techniques and embellishments, some people like to try on ATCs, other on tags, well, cards are my creative playground...

This time, I wanted to try a new technique: resist embossing with mist Ombré:

For a good resist, you need a clear stamped image to emboss. And there is nothing better to help us get a clear stamped image than the Perfect Crafting Pouch, of course! I covered all my cardstock with it, stamped the same image 8 times and then applied the clear emboss powder. Easy and effortless (the way I like it). The rest of the effect I got by diluting some mist with water and painting on top of the embossed images. Done! A totally handmade background with a super trendy effect and technique!!!

PS.: There is nothing better to adhere your wood embellies than Best Glue Ever, but you peobably already knew that, right. Right? :)

I know I promised a tutorial on the lollipops I created, life is really busy now, but I'm working on it. Fear not...

See you nest time,

Dani Donner

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Robyn L. Coburn said...

Love that ombre spray technique. I can hardly wait to try it. All I need is some spray ink. I imagine it would create a nice batik effect depending on the stamped/embossed resist image too.

When I do embossing and glittering, I always swipe with the Pouch, a spare sheet of paper as my work surface. When the excess powder/glitter falls, I can return it to the container with no static cling.