Tuesday, September 25, 2012

You are amazing - Birthday Card

Hi, everyone! Dani here to share a fun card I made for my oldest son. Yesterday was his 8th birthday (where on Earth did time go?) and I couldn't resist the urge of making him a funky card.

I have seen this technique over on Pinterest (I'm slightly addicted, I'll admit) and was dieing to try it. So... My best pals Best Glue Ever and Best Cleaner Ever were here to helped me, :)

 So for this one I die-cut many stripes of different papers from pattern paper, glued them one after the other on a piece of cardstock. I have to that the Best Glue Ever is simply perfect for that, just a little bit glued the paper perfectly! And the think tip is just awesome for thin strips of paper!After that, I cut it in strips every time the chevron would "change course", and that's where the Best Cleaner Ever comes in handy! I was using a guilhotine (but tried with my scissors first, and it work like a charm) and after the first cut I noticed some glue stuck in the blade, so I spray a little bit of Best Cleaner Ever on it! This cleaner is so amazing I could cut about 20 stripes without getting the blade dirty a single time, AND I didn't even had a residue on my pattern paper. Brilliant!! So, I glued the newly cut strips down on a different piece of cardstock, but making them uneven (the pattern paper would be one chevron up it's match).

I finished up with some twine lollypops made using the Best Glue Ever (did you know it's PERFECT or twine too?). VoilĂ ! A fun card for a fun little wait not that little anymore, OMG I'm getting old! boy!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Dani Donner


Susie Bentz said...

This looks awesome! So much detail work cutting and piecing. Great card!

Mom2Two said...

Love, Love, Love the lollipops!!!!

I'm wondering how you made them.... Did you punch a circle from cardstock the size of the candy, spread the Best Glue Ever on it and then wait for the glue to dry until it was like a giant "Glue Dot" or "Gluber" and then start curling the twine from the center outward? It also looks like you might have put some glaze on the top to make it shiny like candy. Or did you do it another way? Are those real lollipop sticks or something else? Inquiring minds want to know:) Thanks for the adorable inspiration.

Dani Donner said...

I'll make a tutorial on the lollipops! :)