Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tile Work

Good morning, Steph here.

When we had some tile work done in our bathroom some time ago, the contractor cut the window ledge too short and then had to piece it together. Needless to say, that small piece has never stayed put and it drives me crazy every time it falls off!!!

So, I had a thought the other night - perhaps the Best Glue Ever could help me out and stop the tile from falling.

The first thing I needed to do was clean the tile. Would the Best Cleaner Ever work? I was quite hopeful. You can see here that the tile is all caked with the different glues we have used to try to fix the tile over the years.

After coating the tile with the Best Cleaner Ever, I was easily able to rub off the existing residue. For the stubborn areas, I just added some more Best Clearner Ever and let it soak for a few minutes. Oh wow, how exciting - a product that actually stands up to it's name!

I also needed to clean the tile and window area before adding the small piece back. Out came the Best Cleaner Ever again which I sprayed on the areas that needed to be cleaned. It did take several coats of the Best Cleaner Ever, but I was impressed with how this area came clean. No more yellow residue.

Now that the area was cleaned and dried, I took out the Best Glue Ever and placed it on the tile as well as on the area around the tile to be sure I got a good adhesive hold. Because I didn't want to wait for the glue to dry before removing my fingers, I placed a spring gripper tool on the small piece and the surrounding tile to aid in helping the glue adhere and keep the smaller piece in place. I left it in place overnight to ensure I got a strong hold.

Voila! This morning I tool off the gripper and this is the result. The tile has adhered and the area around the tile is beautifully clean. All I need to do now is have my husband add some caulk to fill in the open gaps.

So next time you have a job around the house that needs some repairs, pull out the Best Cleaner Ever and the Best Glue Ever and see what these products can do for you. They sure have me thinking of other things I can do!


Dani Donner said...

OMG! This is brilliant!

Robyn L. Coburn said...


Margie H said...

OMGosh! Now I seen EVERYTHING! WOW! Great idea for household too...ScraPerfect is VERSATILE <- pun intended! LOL!! Thanks for a wonderful idea :)