Sunday, September 23, 2012

Folded Paper Gift Bag

Folded Map Gift Bag

 Here is a folded paper Gift Bag following the instructions in this blog. In this case, instead of using newspaper (mostly because I don't get any), I used an old map of Los Angeles County. Like the blog instructions, I made it two ply. I used Best Glue Ever for the paper and embellishments. Next I decided it needed more decoration, so a I inked some ephemera (dried with the Perfect Crafting Pouch), stamped an image for a "coin", and layered it on to the front. I placed Dew Drops with Embellie Gellie. The handles are some coordinating thick yarn, knotted inside. I reinforced the holes with clear circular reinforcements.                        
Cleaned my clear stamp with Best Cleaner Ever, just like always.

Bottom fold.


Margie H said...

Fabulous idea for creating a bag out of an old map. I LOVE MAPS! LOL! Thanks for the inspiration :)

steph said...

Love this idea.