Friday, September 14, 2012

Check it out! How-to Remove Sharpie from a Cotton T-Shirt!

AMAZING! THE BEST CLEANER EVER by ScraPerfect removed Sharpie permanent marker that was washed and dried onto a cotton t-shirt. The cleaner also removed some unknown stain-- with ease!

How? I just sprayed it on, rubbed it in, and let it set a while before washing. VOILA! No mark remained.

Another cool thing:  You can spray it on when you realize there is a stain and toss the garment into the hamper to wait until wash day.  I'm keeping a bottle by the laundry basket and another in the laundry room!!! (As with all cleaners, always test garment in an inconspicuous place first. Of course, my shirt was ruined if the marker didn't come out, so I figured I might as well just spray and hope for the best. Boy was I ever surprised!)

Check out the video. (Note: The tests performed in this videotaped in real action--they were not re-created.  Boy was I happy-and surprised by the results!)

 What's next? My sister wants to know if The Best Cleaner Ever can take pen marks off a silk shirt or wool pants. Guess I need to make a trip to Goodwill to buy some clothes for testing!

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Margie H said...

What a FAB idea! I want to see if it could take out any other stain? Hmmm...looking forward to laundry tomorrow (?)! LOL!!