Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Home Made Gift Bag!

Did you see the cute gift bag Robyn made?  It was made out of a map!   Her inspiration came from here and I loved the idea of making one out of newspaper, especially since I recently picked up a newspaper printed in Chinese and I have been itching to use it!

Measuring and math have never been my strong suit, so I decided to go a different route.  I had a gift bag that was exactly the size I wanted... I actually took the bag apart to use as a template.  I traced it onto the newspaper and cut it out.
I used my ScorPal to make the fold lines...

...and the Best Glue Ever to seal all the seams.  The bag was double layered for strength, and I found that the layers kept separating a bit as I assembled it.  Simple solution - I smeared a little glue between the pages to keep them aligned as I assembled the bag.  One of the best things about this glue is that it adheres the paper without wrinkling it. I cut a small piece of cardboard to reinforce the bottom of the bag.

I punched holes in the top of the bag with my Crop-o-dile then reinforced them with eyelets. Trying to go for a natural "zen" look, I snipped a bamboo skewer from my kitchen to use as part of the bag closure.  I fed some black waxed linen thread through the holes, wrapped it around the skewer,back through the holes, and tied it off in the back. Time for a little decoration!
I had some vellum tags in my stash, which I swiped with the Perfect Crafting Pouch before stamping with black Archival Ink.  The images are sharp and clear and the ink dried very quickly.

I cut 3 lengths of the waxed linen thread in  varying lengths and knotted little glass beads onto the ends of each. The last step was to tie the threads to the skewer so that the tags dangled down the front of the bag.

Now wouldn't this be perfect for gifting some tea...or bath salts...or an aromatherapy candle?
I know I will use this idea again to create customized gift bags.

Thanks for stopping by!  Susie


Robyn Coburn Writer said...

Oh my, I love the Chinese newspaper and the apropos ephemera. Lovely. I should have mentioned in my project that I used my MS Scoreboard! Having that kind of tool sure makes it easier.
I need a Crop-a-dile or similar. I have many colorful tiny eyelets and no tools.

ScraPerfect said...

That is a fantastic idea! What other newspapers might be used? A Jewish newspaper (in Hebrew) would be a perfect gift bag for Chanukah, Purim, or other Jewish holidays. How about a Hispanic/Spanish language newspaper for Cinco de Mayo?

krcmasterpiece said...

Really cute!

Steph Ackerman said...

Great idea, love it.