Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thank You cards with layered elements

I made a Thank You card for James to send to a friend - so it had to be a bit more masculine than I normally go for. Plus the gift was a watch, so James asked me to use that as a theme.

My usual cutting board is hidden under a project in progress, so I pulled out an older one from the shelf. Boy, was it filthy with smears of ink, old glue and grunge. No problem - I spritzed it with Best Cleaner Ever, waited a couple of minutes, while I gathered other materials, then cleaned it up beautifully with a soft paper towel.

I had a brown paper shopping bag from a local boutique printed with vintage newspaper ads. It would be tough to use for scrapbooking without treating for acid, but I'm happy to use it for cards.

Once again Best Glue Ever proves its worth adhering paper, card, plastic (Dew Drops placed with Embellie Gellie), craft foam (to raise elements for a 3D effect), and metal (the clock face on the left seems to be made of aluminium). I inked edges, aged the paper, and stamped the greeting, using Perfect Crafting Pouch to dry it all instantly, followed by my Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove the dust residue. Finally I cleaned my stamps and my work surface with Best Cleaner Ever.

I enjoyed making this card so much, that I used it as a template for some more similar ones, still loving that paper bag - crumpled then inked.

Best Glue Ever - still the best adhesive for fabric ribbon embellishments!


Susie Bentz said...

Man cards are always a challenge...this looks great!

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Thanks so much Susie.