Friday, August 24, 2012


Good morning, Steph here with my first post as a new Design Team Member. I can't tell you how excited I am to be using products by ScraPerfect.  They are truly amazing and I couldn't wait to start working with them.

I am a stamper at heart, using lots of different sized acrylic blocks.  I usually don't clean my acrylic blocks after each use because I'm moving onto the next portion of my project.  As a result, most of my acrylic blocks look like this:

What a mess!  But, hey, they still work fine.  The ink is dry and I can still see where I'm putting my images.  But I admit, they needed to be cleaned.  I've often spent a lot of time cleaning my blocks only to have some of the residue still remain on the blocks.  As a result, I've left the cleaning till I absolutely had to because I didn't want to spend a lot of time cleaning when I'd could be creating.

Welcome to the Best Cleaner Ever.  When I got the Best Cleaner Ever, I decided it was time to clean my blocks.  I used a little bit directly on the block and used a paper towel to rub it over the block.  I was impressed.  A little bit cleaned off some of the residue.  So, I added some more Cleaner to the block and within seconds (honestly!!!), I had these blocks clean as a whistle.  How awesome is that! 

Check them out - they are pristine - looks like I just bought them!!  Once cleaned, I just ran some water over them to rinse off the residue and dried them with a paper towel.  I am absolutely thrilled with how little effort and time it took to get my blocks clean. 

Hmm, now off to see what else I can clean. 

Thanks for stopping by today. 

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