Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Out of a Sticky Situation

Stickers can be a lot of fun to use on projects. But sometimes you really want a dimensional embellishment. That's when I grab my Perfect Crafting Pouch!

Just tapping the Perfect Crafting Pouch on the back of a sticker deactivates the adhesive. Now, you can use it like a cardstock embellishment.

For this layout sample I used the pouch on two of the stickers from this Echo Park collection. I wanted to make them more dimensional. By deactivating the adhesive I was able to easily pop them up with dots.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Good morning, Steph here with my first post as a new Design Team Member. I can't tell you how excited I am to be using products by ScraPerfect.  They are truly amazing and I couldn't wait to start working with them.

I am a stamper at heart, using lots of different sized acrylic blocks.  I usually don't clean my acrylic blocks after each use because I'm moving onto the next portion of my project.  As a result, most of my acrylic blocks look like this:

What a mess!  But, hey, they still work fine.  The ink is dry and I can still see where I'm putting my images.  But I admit, they needed to be cleaned.  I've often spent a lot of time cleaning my blocks only to have some of the residue still remain on the blocks.  As a result, I've left the cleaning till I absolutely had to because I didn't want to spend a lot of time cleaning when I'd could be creating.

Welcome to the Best Cleaner Ever.  When I got the Best Cleaner Ever, I decided it was time to clean my blocks.  I used a little bit directly on the block and used a paper towel to rub it over the block.  I was impressed.  A little bit cleaned off some of the residue.  So, I added some more Cleaner to the block and within seconds (honestly!!!), I had these blocks clean as a whistle.  How awesome is that! 

Check them out - they are pristine - looks like I just bought them!!  Once cleaned, I just ran some water over them to rinse off the residue and dried them with a paper towel.  I am absolutely thrilled with how little effort and time it took to get my blocks clean. 

Hmm, now off to see what else I can clean. 

Thanks for stopping by today. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Best Cleaner Ever vs. Sticky Residue

Right after I bought my car three years ago I added a vinyl decal to the back window. While it made it easier to find the car in a parking lot, it was really time for a change. I took a razor blade and carefully scraped the sticker off of the window. It left a good sticky layer behind.

So... fast forward about three weeks and the residue is still on the car. Although now there's a nice layer of dirt attached.

Giving my husband our video camera I grabbed my bottle of the Best Cleaner Ever and a paper towel. It took less than three minutes to get all the residue off, dirt and all. I could have made it easier on myself by letting the cleaner soak into the sticker for a minute, but I'm impatient.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Best Glue Ever - for Small Things!

One of my favorite things about the Best Glue Ever is the fine tip on the bottle. It lets you apply small dots of glue just where you need it. For example, on the small banner on the top of this layout. I was able to add a tiny dot in the middle of each flag. I had no glue squishing out the side, no extra adhesive to remove.

And, it's perfect for those skinny Thickers. Sometimes I change my mind and need to reposition things. I'm not always good with eyeballing where my title should go. And, as I carefully pick up the letters and move them around I'll often need to add more adhesive to the letter. Best Glue Ever to the rescue! The fine tip lets me control just how small a drop I need.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Make Thank You Cards With Layered Embellishments

Hi Robyn here today to show you how to make cards with layered embellishments.

I made a Thank You card for James to send to a friend - so it had to be a bit more masculine than I normally go for. Plus the gift was a watch, so James asked me to use that as a theme.

My usual cutting board is hidden under a project in progress, so I pulled out an older one from the shelf. Boy, was it filthy with smears of ink, old glue and grunge.

No problem - I spritzed it with the Best Cleaner Ever, from ScraPerfect and waited a couple of minutes, while I gathered other materials, then my cutting board cleaned it up beautifully with a soft paper towel.

I had a brown paper shopping bag from a local boutique printed with vintage newspaper ads. It would be tough to use for scrapbooking without treating for acid, but I'm happy to use it for cards.

Once again Best Glue Ever proves its worth adhering paper, card, plastic (Dew Drops placed with Embellie Gellie), craft foam (to raise elements for a 3D effect), and metal (the clock face on the left seems to be made of aluminium). I inked edges, aged the paper, and stamped the greeting, using Perfect Crafting Pouch to dry it all instantly, followed by my Perfect Cleaning Cloth to remove the dust residue. Finally I cleaned my stamps and my work surface with Best Cleaner Ever.

I enjoyed making this card so much, that I used it as a template for some more similar ones, still loving that paper bag - crumpled then inked.

Best Glue Ever - still the best adhesive for fabric ribbon embellishments!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I love to make Easel Cards!  There are lots of variations and tutorials out there so I won't put one more here, but I wanted to share a little idea I came up with.

I turned the decorative element along the bottom into a pocket and it was super easy!

The decorative strip measures 2" x 4".  I decided to "pop" it up by using 1/4" strips of cardstock along the bottom and each side.  I found that 2 layers of cardstock made it deep enough to hold  a gift card. Of course I used The Best Glue Ever to adhere everything!  It has such a nice tight hold I know my pocket is not going to peel off or fall apart.  Anytime I am papercrafting and creating something that needs to be manipulated, I reach for The Best Glue Ever!

I think i am going to make a card for a friend and include some movie tickets. What are you going to put inside your pocket?

- Susie

P.S. The card was decorated using Moxxie's Very Merry Unbirthday.