Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recycling Greeting Cards - made easy with Best Glue Ever

Here's another way of presenting a photo based tutorial that's perfect for Pinterest. It's a single JPEG image, so I'm going to Pin it right now. As always note how economical Best Glue Ever is - tiny drops of glue hold like crazy.


ScraPerfect said...

Not only is your ornament adorable, I am very intrigues with Pinterest! Can you explain what it is?

Also, does this mean all ScraPerfect projects are posted in one place with thumbnails?

Are all the videos there too? Is How does one "pin" something or is it something you will do?

Can we have a Pinterest link/iccon from our website, blog and can each DT memeber have it--and is it something followers can add to their blogs?

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Pinterest is an online collection of pinboards. Individuals and business entities create accounts with boards and pin images from online sources, especially blogs, to the themed boards. It's just as if you cut a picture you like from a magazine and pin it to the notice board (or vision board) in your studio - except it's quicker, easier to share, and your friends and passers-by can repin the same image - OR VIDEO! - to their own boards.

Pinterest is the #3 social media site after FB & Twitter, but it has only been around a very short time. It is also the fastest growing social media site.

It is a great way to get new eyes on to the work. I have a number of boards and I made one called ScraPerfect DT and have pinned all the projects from our blog to it. I probably should have asked first - but I do so like pinning, and when it occurred to me that ScraPerfect had so many awesome images, I just went nuts and pinned the lot until I was done.

People spend hours browsing around, and the boards with the most pins, followers, likes and comments tend to get even more - like a snowball down the hill. People who find my boards through say art doll searches, stick around and browse the other boards and so find ScraPerfect. And vice versa.

I recommend everyone having their own pin boards so that we can pin each other's stuff and increase the search rankings.

We can put a "Follow Me on Pinterest" button on the blog and website so that people who find the blog can follow ScraPerfect boards.

The best thing is to have one board dedicated to the product - eg images of them, the videos, the DT - and then other boards dedicated to different themes that are of interest to the customers - examples are scrapbooking, card making, general crafts, Cricut, wearable art, textile arts - and even more broadly thinking about who our customer is - perhaps boards dedicated to travel, fashion, shoes, hand made purses, cake decorating.

Etsy makes it super easy to pin items, and automatically adds the price. If you put the price with a $ sign in the pin description, Pinerest automatically puts it as a diagonal banner to the top left - so beware of that space when taking photographs.

At the Pinterest site, there is a Pin It widget that you can add to your tool bar. When you come across an image you like, you click "pin it" and then you can choose the image, then the board and make any comment. But the image still links back to the original blog post where you found it. After pinning, if you have linked your twitter account, you have the option to tweet the pin.

My pins and pin likes show up in my Facebook timeline, but FB has still not gotten its act together to pin directly from feeds. If I find an image I adore and want to pin, I usually search it back until I find the original blog or site.

Here are my boards. http://pinterest.com/iggyjingles/
Feel free to follow any or all of them. I'll send you an invite, Amy.