Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recycling Greeting Cards - made easy with Best Glue Ever

Here's another way of presenting a photo based tutorial that's perfect for Pinterest. It's a single JPEG image, so I'm going to Pin it right now. As always note how economical Best Glue Ever is - tiny drops of glue hold like crazy.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Making Collagraphs

Collagraphs are a kind of printing plate, mostly made using collaged materials. You can glue bits of paper, cardboard, pebbles, etc. onto a scrap piece of cardboard to make a printing plate.  But I thought I'd try something a bit different.

I started with a piece of cardboard, a stencil, and ink. Chickenwire - one of my favorite Crafter's Workshop stencils.  First, I inked through the stencil onto the cardboard.

Next, I traced over the inked design with the Best Glue Ever. Since I'm making a plate to print from, I want whatever I glue onto this board to be the same height - like a stamp. Only the highest parts of the design will print. So I was careful to try and apply the glue in a consistent way. Make sense?

Once the glue was dry, I painted over the entire piece with a thin coat of gesso. (The first photo below shows the glued cardboard before gessoing, the next one is after.)

Now my collograph is ready for paint! I grabbed some Golden fluid acrylics and tried it out in my art journal. Not bad, but I think I need a heavier body paint.....

So, I grabbed a Liquitex soft body paint, a blank tag and then stamped. Once the paint was dry I took out my Distress Inks and colored the background. You'll notice that the paint acts as a resist -- it won't take the ink. After inking I flicked some water drops over the background then dried it with a heat gun.

And onto a bit of stamping to get the finished tag --

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fixing my shoes

Sometimes crafty supplies come in handy for other household uses.

Alas for my new shoes - unpleasant sticker residue under my heel, and then the insole came away. Luckily I had Best Cleaner Ever - I sprayed two spritzes to quickly dissolve the glue, and wiped with a paper towel.

Best Glue Ever re-attached the soft foam insole. Harsher glues might have dissolved it. Plus I didn't want to end up with the feeling of bumps under my heel. I simply put a line of tiny spots on the bottom, and allowed it to dry for about a minute (I'm not very patient, so it's good that it dries fast). Then I pressed the insole back in place. Now my new shoes really do feel like new.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Using Stencils and the Best Glue Ever

Here's a fun thing you can do with stencils and the Best Glue Ever. 

First, place your stencil on some paper. I picked up these Martha Stewart ones from Michaels that are supposed to be used for furniture, I think. They were pretty sticky on the back so I stuck them on my pant leg to remove a bit of the "sticky." This way I was sure my paper wouldn't be damaged by the stencil.

Next I placed the Best Glue Ever over the stencil in a zig zag motion and used my finger to wipe it all over.  These leaves were pretty small. If my stencil was bigger I would have just used the glue directly from the bottle or a foam paintbrush.

  After I was done I pulled the stencil up and placed it on my nonstick craft sheet. I used a wet paper towel to wipe off the extra glue, then finished cleaning it up using the Best Cleaner Ever. It's glue-free and ready to use again!  Here's what my paper looked like while drying:

 Since the layer of the Best Glue Ever was so thin, it took almost no time to dry. The glue dries clear and tacky - perfect for adding glitter, flocking, flower soft, foiling, etc.  I chose to grab some of my Perfect Pearls and pounce the mica powder over my dried glue.

 Here's a close-up:

And here's the card I made with that paper. I used the Best Glue Ever to adhere everything -- the paper, flowers, and twine. A quick swipe with the Perfect Crafting Pouch meant I got a great stamped sentiment. 

Here's something else you can try. If your stencil isn't sticky like mine was, you can treat the paper with the Perfect Crafting Pouch before you use the Best Glue Ever with the stencil. Then, when you add your Perfect Pearls, glitter, or flower soft to the tacky glue it won't stick to the rest of the paper and cleanup is so much easier! 

But -- don't use the pouch after the glue! It will stick to the glue and deactivate it.

- Deborah

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing Steph Ackerman

 We'd like to introduce you to our newest team members!

Tell us about yourself.
Hi, my name is Steph and I am so thrilled to have been selected for the Team.  I have been creating for as long as I can remember and I love seeing how this craft has evolved over the years.  I am an avid scrapbooker, cardmaker and altered artist - I love it all.    I find that cardmaking is therapy.  I love working on the smaller canvas and watching my work come to life with the use of stamps, inks and die cuts.  I love challenges and am constantly trying new techniques and new products.   My day is just not complete if I haven't spent some time in my scrap room and I often get lost in my creations, working on a variety of projects at the same time.

What's your style? What do you like to create? What's your favorite item to use?
I love to create an assortment of projects from layouts to cards to altered items.   I love using inks, stamps, Copic Markers and die cuts in my creations.

What's your favorite snack while creating?
I love Caffeine-Free Pepsi and any kind of chocolate (just no nuts please)!

If you could visit one place, where would you go? 
I'd love to go to Italy.

Favorite guilty past-time?
I love spending time in my craft room playing with my supplies.  I honestly believe that only through playing with our supplies can we truly find the best way to use them.

This is one of my favorite cards using die cuts, inks and stamps.  I love the different shape of the card.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Introducing the 2012 ScraPerfect Design Team!

Thanks everyone for all your patience!  We had so many wonderful applications and want to thank everyone who applied.

Our returning members .....
Susie Bentz
Robyn Coburn
Margie Higuchi
Deborah Mahnken
Cynthia (Renaud) Llorens

and please welcome our newest members!

Steph Ackerman

Dani Donner
Jenifer Evans

We're really excited about this next year and we'll be featuring each of our new members.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cleaning my Fiskateer Scissors

I love these Fiskars scissors. They were sent free when I became Fiskateer #1997. (Cool number--the same year my daughter was born.) They are the perfect size and cut  soooo smoothly....

....BUT YIKES!!!!

They are covered with adhesive build-up, fibers and lint. The question isn't how they got this way--crafting is messy business-- but how long have they been this way and I haven't noticed?

No Problem...it's just time for a quick cleaning!

Good thing I have the Best Cleaner Ever!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day Coupon!!!

Celebrate Independence Day 2012...
    ...get $2.12 off a bottle of the Best Glue Ever! 

 The Best Glue Ever is the one that "does it all" for paper and small embellishments of all kinds. It dries fast, clear, flexible, and tacky--and it's super strong. It's permanent and washable on clothing--but has no fumes or strings (it's non-toxic and acid-free, of course.)

Use the fine tip for writing and drawing and then apply glitter. Make homemade adhesive dots (like "Glue Dots"), or use it with the Best Cleaner Ever to recondition your Die Cut Mat (and never buy another mat again!) Use it wet for permanent bond, or let it dry first so it's repositionable.

Use it sparingly--it's neater, works better and the bottle will last even longer. Now you know why it's called the BEST GLUE EVER!

 Coupon only valid for orders that include the BEST GLUE EVER. Hurry, coupon expires 7/7/12 (Misuse may result in delay of order and additional charges.) One use per customer. USE COUPON CODE: BestGlueEver4Independence2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paper Luminary

I wanted to create a soft ambience for an outdoor occasion like baby shower, wedding reception or just to enjoy a glass of wine on the deck. The thought of creating a simple luminary came to mind for a perfect summer’s night!

Take a 12 x 6” cardstock and score at 4 and 8” on the long side. Then score a 4 ½ x 6” cardstock at 1/8” on each side. I cut/embossed a shaped die in the middle of each panel to create a window. Emboss four 4 x 5” vellum paper and adhere with The Best Glue Ever. It won’t wrinkle and sets quickly for a strong bond.

Add the flower and frame with the Best Glue Ever. The glue tip makes it so simple to apply on the most intricate cuts. I moved my die cuts around so when the glue dried, it left a tacky residue BUT that was resolved with a quick swipe of the Perfect Crafting Pouch! Then assembled the luminary and it’s ready for display!

With this idea as the base, you can make it as elegant or as FUN as you please. So with ScraPerfect products at your finger tips along with cardstock, vellum and some bling, you’re off to a good start!

Thanks for stopping by!