Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great Idea for Teacher's Gift

Somehow there is this rush when the school year ends or is it just me?! LOL! This year our high school counselor is retiring. She has been at the high school for many, many years and counsels both my boys. Mrs. J is just wonderful…she will be truly missed.

Anyways before I get teary eyed, I wanted to show you all a QUICK gift d├ęcor idea. We gave her something special – a CD of pictures from the chess team (she is the faculty advisor and a chess nut herself). My youngest was on her team. But I couldn’t find a CD cover nor had the time (remember RUSH!) so I created a gift band to make it pretty….

After embossing the 2 ½ x 12” strip of cardstock, I scored the area where it would bend around to the back of the case. Then using ScraPerfect’s The Best Glue Ever, I adhered the ends. Since I am a messy type and kind of in a hurry (wink wink!), I had some sticky residue from the adhesive so I swiped the Perfect Crafting Pouch to take out the sticky. Then I placed a flower I already had in my stash from another project and added bling in the center.

Either for a teacher’s gift or any kind of gift with a CD, try this idea. It took me all of ten minutes…oh, and she loved it! Kept commenting on how lovely the band was! LOL!! PHEW~!

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Marisa Job said...

Great project Margie! Love the embossed band! That is one of the flower dies I designed for Spellbinders!! LOL!!