Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Cards

I saw this canvas on Pinterest, where they made a collage background, used vinyl alphabets over the collage to spell a phrase, then painted the collage. When you pull the vinyl stickers off you get to see the collage background where the stickers were.

So I got to thinking, this would be a fun thing to try as a card. And I've got many, many alphabet stickers laying around. This type of craft is a good way to use up all those leftover stickers. Because for this, it doesn't matter if the stickers are different colors or don't match - you're just using them as a mask.

I used two pieces of Strathmore mixed media paper as my background and grabbed my bag of small scraps of patterned paper and my bin of alphabet stickers. The older the better!

Then I did this:

I like to hang onto plastic packaging from embellishments - it comes in handy in times like this! I used a good size dollop of the Best Glue Ever and a tiny bit of water to thin it out a bit (it just makes it easier to apply with a foam sponge.) I used the sponge to get a nice coat of glue on the paper.

Then I started grabbing small pieces of paper, ripping or cutting them to fit and applying them on the paper until I filled the entire sheet. I made two:

 Then it was time for the stickers! I found that you need an alphabet sticky enough that will stick down all over, but not be too sticky in that it's hard to remove after the paint. Mine were a bit hit and miss, as you'll see. So... before the paint...

 And after the paint...

I found when I peeled up the stickers that the paint had run under a few of them.  So, after the paint was dry (I sped it up with a heat gun), I took a black marker and outlined the letters. Then, I mounted it on kraft paper and made a card. For a final touch, I splattered some red paint on top.

Hope your Father's Day is special!

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Robyn L. Coburn said...

This is a neat idea. Have you tried vinyl letters? If you stick them to you jeans to lint them up just a bit, then put them down, they should peel off. Or perhaps cut some letters from cardstock (Cricut?) and paint the back with a dilute solution of Best Glue Ever, let it dry to be repositionable and stick down.