Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter, Peeps!

I love printing my journalling on vellum when I have a lengthy story to tell. I am not very good at spacing when I just use my handwriting. Plus...added bonus - the paper patterns and colors show through!  I can print it ahead of time and take it along with me to a crop.

The first step is to prep the vellum with The Perfect Crafting Pouch.  Then I send it through my ink jet printer. The ink is immediately dry and  ready for use. To attach the vellum, I use tiny glue spots made with The Best Glue Ever:

One tiny dot in each top corner...I can't even see them, can you? 

Have a Happy Easter with all your favorite peeps!

~ Susie
P.S.  Oops!  I forgot to mention this layout is based on a layout by Becky Fleck - see my blog for details!


Margie H said...

What a sweet page! Love the accents of yellow - so cute :) Great use of the pouch with the vellum. Happy Easter, Susie! xo

ScraPerfect said...

Cute page!!! Love the balance--the highlighting of the one photo with the border, and the big black title.

Helpful closeups of the vellum in your write up show how perfectly crisp & bold the printing is.

You wiped the vellum with the pouch before printing, and then just sent the treated vellum through the printer, right? Easy-Peasy to do and makes a big diff in the results and the quick drying of the inkjet printing means no after-printing smears.

Robyn L. Coburn said...

I love the vellum printing. I found a bunch of quotes to print onto vellum (using the PCPouch of course) for various layouts. But I really like using the vellum for all the journalling as you have. I also like the twine.